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Think about how  power enters  our lives:  cel phones, computers, TVs, stereos, lights and on and on. 

Imagine, as electricity flows into the outlets and switches in our homes and offices, the Amazing Power Circle diffuses the energy into soft pulses radiating outward.  Relaxing, soothing – elevating your mood and bringing a touch of sophistication to your life – practical magic through design.

We believe it – try it for yourself!  The Amazing Power Circle. 


Round and pleasing to the eye – the circle has been recognized since ancient times as a beautiful, organic shape – a symbol of life. 

The timeless design of the Amazing Power Circle complements any décor from retro to modern. 

Sure you’ve seen novelty options for round switch plates (basketballs, clown faces, etc).  We offer a sophisticated design in a classic shape option currently missing in outlet and switch plate covers.


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